I got 99 problems but my skin ain’t one!

In order to choose the right treatments for your skin, it is important to know what skin type you have, and any skin conditions that need to be addressed. SKIN TYPES are genetically determined and can usually be identified by looking at pore size in the t-zone area. Dry skin: Follicles are usually small or hard to see, and sebum (oil) is minimal. Stick with AHA’s. Normal skin: Good water-oil balance. Follicles are a normal size and skin is generally free of blemishes. Stick with AHA’s. Oily skin: Follicles are larger due to excess oil production. Pore size is visible or large over most of face. Use AHA’s or BHA. Combination skin: Both oily and dry (or oily and normal) at the same time. T-zone, nose, and chin is oilier, outer edges will be dry or even flaky. Use AHA’s (possibly BHA).